Ayurveda, the "science of life", has its origins in India and has been practiced there for over 3,000 years to the welfare and health of body, mind and soul.

The bio-oils used in massage are heated to body temperature and massaged into the body.

Abhyanga - the full-body massage, has a balancing effect, energizing and healing.

Synchronabhyanga - two doctor massaged simultaneously. This four-handed full body massage is deeply relaxing and so is the suppleness of body and mind restored.

Shirodhara - the forehead. The warm oil flowing and the slow rhythmic movements soothe the nerves and give deep relaxation.

Padabhyanga - the ancient Indian form of reflexology, effective against insomnia, nervousness and burnout.

Jambira Pinda Sveda - consists of a Abhyanga and subsequent massage with warm lemon punch. This strengthens the connective tissue and triggers deep tensions.

Further Offers: Jatismaran, JikidenReiki and Nadabrahma 

Jatismaran - the path of memory. It is the ancient Indian form of recycling that already taught Buddha. Jatis means "way" and Smaran "Reminder". The recycling is an effective way to look at inner images. I will guide you in a guided deep relaxation (no hypnosis), allowing you to glide over irrrationalen mind from rational in dissolved manner. The experienced through images emotions have a profound significance. Immersion in these emotions causes blockages can dissolve. The resulting interior space opens the doors to exclude tap the full creative potential of our vitality.

Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki - comes from the direct teaching of Japanese family Yamaguchi. It is the sharing of universal life energy by laying hands. A treatment relaxes, enhances well-being and thus contributes to the maintenance of good health. When mental and energetic imbalance Reiki restores balance as supportive. The inner balance is restored, to allow activation of the self-healing powers.


Nadabrahma - is a humming meditation, the brain and body can recover. Often turning off hard from the daily grind. to sit still seems impossible. This ancient Tibetan meditation technique is performed in a sitting position, by the sums and movement of hands an inner balance is created. A harmony between body and spirit is born - a space for mindfulness and tranquility.